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A. DEAN ENTERPRISES and MessageNet  ADA Compliant Solution

In the interest of fairness and concern for the hearing impaired individuals of the human family and safety of people in high noise environments A. DEAN ENTERPRISES has intensely researched and explored the technology market to find a strategic partner that has  developed a product / solution that complies with the following ADA mandate at a very customer friendly cost.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Network Integrated Visual Paging & Priority Messaging System

for compliance with (ADA) in Medical, Business & Public Facilities

The following information is taken from documents related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. MessageNet Solution provides a "Visual Paging System" that facilitates compliance with components of the Act.



This document sets guidelines for accessibility to buildings and facilities by individuals with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. These guidelines are to be applied during the design, construction, and alteration of buildings and facilities covered by Titles II and III of the ADA to the extent required by regulations issued by Federal agencies, including the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation, under the ADA.

(6) Terminal information systems which broadcast information to the general public through a public address system shall provide a means to provide the same or equivalent information to persons with a hearing loss or who are deaf. Such methods may include, but are not limited to, VISUAL PAGING SYSTEMS using video monitors and computer technology. For persons with certain types of hearing loss such methods may include, but are not limited to, an assistive listening system complying with 4.33.7.

MessageNet Solution meets the need for a visual paging system for the hearing impaired and deaf by integrating the use of alpha and digital pagers and electronic message displays as depicted here.

Message Net Solution integrates multiple message technologies with your computer LAN's to provide an economical multi-user enterprise wide solution meet your visual communications needs.

The product, which we are very proud to offer, is a logical, cost effective, secure, reliable, easily integrated and interfaced solution to a high noise environment and ADA compliant scenario.

Visual Paging offers the following features.

  • VisualPA provides visual intercom/public address capabilities that can deliver messages from any authorized PC to message displays located throughout the enterprise.

  •  Communicates effectively in high noise areas without causing distraction or adding more noise to the environment. Meet the needs of the hearing impaired for public communications as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act 

  • Communicates effectively in high noise areas without causing distraction or adding more noise to the environment. Meet the needs of the hearing impaired for public communications as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act 

  • Eliminates the noise and distraction of audio based intercom/PA systems while providing many new capabilities not found in conventional intercom or PA systems. 

VisualPA provides provides five ways to connect message displays.  


  1. Wireless connection via pager technology.

  2. CAT 5 cable connected to Silent Messenger server or clients using RS232 multiport cards.

  3. Chained together on RS422/485 protocol on a single cable.

  4. Attach message displays to RS232 ports on any PC running Windows or NT on the enterprise network.

  5. Ethernet connected signs are also available at a higher cost.


VisualPA also includes a Virtual Sign product.  The virtual sign delivers sign messages to PC's screens as if it were a sign, ideal for desk-oriented persons.  

The Message Net Solution meets and exceeds the commissioned objectives of the customer but is also easily installed, expandable, upgradeable, integrated and interfaced.

Message Net Solution is a straightforward common sense approach brought about by attentive engineering and caring ingenuity.

An illustrated example of the integration and interface ability of the Message Net Solution is provided below.

Other than an  ADA compliant pageing there is an extensive host of  applications for the MessageNet solution.

Schools for the Deaf that currently use The MessagNet system for VisualPA are:

Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Kansas, Florida, California, 
Rochester (NY) and St. Joseph (NY).  We've been written into the RFP 
specification for Connecticut and Hawaii that  just went out to bid.
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